Zucchero – Baila (Sexy Thing)

“Baila morena” is a song recorded in 2001 by the Italian singer Zucchero. The song was released as a single twice : first in 2001 (under the title “Baila (Sexy Thing)”), reaching #1 in Italy, but achieving a moderate success in the other countries, then in 2006 as a duet with the band Maná, as the soundtrack of the film Les Bronzés 3 : Amis pour la vie (English : French Fried Vacation 3 – Friends Forever), becoming this time a huge hit in France and Belgium. In 2007, the song was covered by Patrick Fiori and Hélène Ségara and included in a medley available on Les Enfoirés’ album La Caravane des Enfoirés.